September 20, 2016

New Feature: Import Contacts


I hope you are ready for a river of referrals to come your way.

Now you can upload a list of customers or contacts and ReferralRiver will automatically send them an email to ask them to join your referral program.

Upload, then make a cocktail because you are done baby! Just sit back and wait for referrals (or go about your normal day hehe) because you’ll start getting CC’ed on referrals when they come in

PRO TIP: Call or email the people on your list before uploading and sending them the invitation email. Why? Because people are more likely to join if you call them and ask them before sending an email out of the blue. Just call and say “what’s up how’s business? What’s new?”…then listen, re-connect a bit and then ease into the ask… “I wanted to ask you something…we’ve got a new referral program built that takes less than 10 seconds to join. Would you be up for using it to help us grow? Again just takes 10 seconds to join…”

Login here now and upload a list



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